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The top ten candidates for the Republican Party will take the stage tonight and talk about some serious political stuff. This is the first Presidential debate to kick off the election season. So it’s important you know your stuff. But don’t stress too much, I got you covered.
Here are a list of the men (yeah, looks like no woman candidates in the GOP this year. surprise, surprise) that will duke it out on the Fox News stage:


Donald Trump: You know, the one with the hair (or lack of hair) that has been causing a lot of controversy and make a lot of bold statement. Weirdly enough, he’s number one in the polls. I still think it’s a joke.
Former Gov. Jeb Bush (FL): The other Bush. But don’t call him that! He goes by Jeb, ok?!
Gov. Scott Walker (WI): He’s known for battling unions in Wisconsin. He also really messed up on his Philly cheesesteak order.
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR): Also a former pastor of a 490,000-member Baptist State Convention.
Ben Carson: He’s a neurosurgeon, so that’s cool. But he doesn’t have any political experience...interesting.
Sen. Ted Cruz (TX): He makes bacon with a machine-gun. If you haven’t see the video yet, you probably should.
Sen. Marco Rubio (FL): He wants to limit role of government plays in American society, but also he loves water #WaterBottleGate
Gov. Chris Christie (NJ): He’s not the most popular guy on the list. Also another gate: #BridgeGate.
Sen. Rand Paul (KY): An ophthalmologist (that’s an eye surgeon!) that ran for senator and now he’s going for president. Everyone is already obsessed with his hair.
Gov. John Kasich (OH): Former Fox News host. He barely made the cut, and truthfully he’s not that important. I think.
Now you can impress your friends with a bit of GOP political knowledge, and you’ll be able to see these men in action.
Also while you are watching make sure to participate in the lovely @LauraFisher’s GOP Debate Drinking Game. It’s a perfect way to be educated and inebriated.
hahahah totally @jordanhamilton! he seems like a great guy too, but yeah not a whole lot of experience in the political world. byt hey, maybe our country need surgery ;) We’ll see how he does tonight!
It’s true @shannonl5! I don’t think there is a perfect occupation for someone who wants to run for president, and I think diversity can also bring interesting perspectives to the table. I think it’ll make for a good debate tonight! we’ll have to see
I'll definitely be watching this... I don't know how long I'll last though. I'm actually kind of intrigued that someone without political experience is running. One of the observations I hear a lot regarding Senators is that they're lawyers or have a business degree... but they have to make laws regarding medicine, science, things well outside their expertise. I'm not registered with the republican party so I can't vote in their primaries, but this will be important to see for me regardless
haha, I like that! I def think we could use a little bit of surgery. def a must see!
sadly, I only know three of the candidates. as excited as I am for ben carson to be in the lineup, I'm slightly confused what he can do for our country? cut us open and sew us back together? that was a metaphor by the way :) great informative card!