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Every weekend I link with my mom and sister for lunch. We share what has happened during the week at work, home, with friends, etc.
Last Sunday was a blast. Near the end of the meal, my mom asked “what are your plans for the rest of the day?” I replied “I’m going to go to the mall to do a bit of shopping. After that I will hit the gym.”
My sister followed up, “sounds awesome, which one of your friends are you going shopping with?” I quickly replied “NONE.”
My sister looked at me like I was a chicken with my head cut off. “Really?” she said. “You’re not going to invite ANY of your friends?”

"UMMMMMMMM.... NO. I think I'll pass"

I knew this was one of those moments I was going to have to share the method to my madness. "The shopping experience is a relaxing getaway," I said. "Some of my friends are VERY weird when it comes to buying clothes, so I often go alone."

"What do you mean by weird?" asked mom.

I could see that I was going to have trouble explaining this situation without sounding crude, so I figured a visual example would help ease the process.

The first video that came to mind was a scene from White Chicks called "Tina The Talking Tummy."

While it's an extreme (and funny) example, I think we have all been shopping with a friend that went into "Tina and the talking tummy" mode in a store. You never mention "the fit" to your friend when you leave the store, hoping that awkward moment never happens again.. but it does! Everytime they bonkers, you try to encourage them, but it only seems to make things worse! Sheesh!
Fellow Vinglers on both sides of the fence, you are not alone!
Don't make the mistake I made by opting to shop alone. Grab that wonky friend by the arm, show them your "Tina the talking tummy," and let them know that it's okay. Lets build each other up, we should all be comfortable in our own skin!
Not as comfortable as Shawn and Marlon.. but comfortable nonetheless!
@jordanhamilton yeah they Shawn hopped on twitter a little while back if I remember correctly and posted about it.. fans went wild!
thanks for checking out the card! Yeah it's hard sometimes to shop with others. Shopping solo is often quicker and can be more enjoyable, but I have learned that sometimes it's good to bring a friend. Thanks to a couple honest opinions, I have saved a bunch of cash on what couldve been poor purchases, lol
Actually, I feel the same exact way. I hate going clothes shopping with other people. So many of my friends have different store tastes and shop in different sections and I'd rather just go to the places I want to shop instead of waiting around with my Orange Julius while my friend figures out what she finally wants to try on at Hollister.
that definitely made my entire day!
@christianmordi I will definitely give it a watch soon :) I hear good things!!
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