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You'll NEVER recognize Pim Diffy from "Phil of the Future" Today

WOAH now that's what I call time-travel!

Do you remember Amelia Bruckner who played Pim Diffy? She was one of Disney's childhood sweethearts who was a star in the hit show "Phil of the Future" at the time. Every kid across America tuned into the show for its funny writing and adorable concept. Parents loved it, kids loved it, it was a 10/10 show. However, that evil scheming sister that we all fell in love with has now grown up and looks drastically different. Puberty hit her like a freight train...aka she's even more gorgeous today. With an appearance change though, fans don't seem to recognize her often.
"I do look a lot different than I did as a 13-year-old. I'm no longer perfectly spherical like I was on the show," the actress said. "I think that throws people off, but I mean people who knew me when I was a kid [in Los Angeles] donโ€™t recognize me when I see them."


She was known for her evil plotting on the show, her large birthmark, and her iconic voice. Today, she is sometimes recognized for 2/3 of those things...I'm sure you can figure out which ones. But back in the day she was a super star among the disney stars. And although her character tried to plot her way into becoming principal for the day, it ultimately failed in real life,"They never made me principal for the day. But I do have some things from that episode ... I have a gigantic portrait that got painted of me. And, obviously, I was trying to get my high school to hang up that portrait because I'm super important," laughed Bruckner. "Thatโ€™s all sarcastic," she added.
If you were to ask Buckner what she thinks of the future since she's obviously been to the 2100s, she would say, "I think there's a lot of spray food, so it's easy to eat whatever you want. World hunger has ended. And there's no such thing as war anymore, and we live in this wonderland of equality." Not bad.


Amelia Bruckner has done a lot since her Disney Channel days. She started off by taking 6 years off of acting and slowly slipped away from the limelight. Since she was acting in junior high school, she didn't really get back to normal life until high school.
It was definitely a culture shock, "I had come from LA, where all my friends were acting, a lot of my friends were much bigger stars than I was, and I had never thought of myself as being famous, which is a weird word to say. It was very strange."
However she ended up making friends and continuing her education to NYU where she studied human rights and the feminist theory. She also backpacked through Europe. The funny thing is her love still remains on acting. While backpacking, she had an epiphany in a German bar called "The Sharon Stonewall" as she watched a behind the scenes film of a Pink concert, she too wanted to return to the spotlight. Many childhood stars do come back into Hollywood once they've readjusted to normality and realize they still crave the fame.
So far she's appeared in a Lifetime movie, "The Assault" and is trying to book other roles. Her day to day is, "Eating, sleeping and women's rights." SAME.

What do you think of Pim Diffy all grown up?

She looks great! She definitely blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. I'm sure she's still a talented performer. Excited to see what she gets up to next! (and hell yeah, women's rights. i dig that social consciousness)
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