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So since I saw Block B perform at the KCON concert, they caught my attention. I really liked the songs they sang at the concert!! They really got the whole stadium really pumped too!! One member REALLY caught my attention on stage which I found out was Kyung. He had great stage presence and lots of energy as most of the members did. When he sang his part during HER I reeeally liked his voice and I was impressed! HER, NalinA, & Very Good are some of the songs they performed that I know have downloaded and I've been listening to <3 So I wanna know more about Block B, so my my fellow Vingle kpoppers, tell me about Block B! I had someone tell me they heard the leader was not the nicest guy (idk who the leader is) but I'm curious about the group anyways! So tell me about Block B ^^
@JaminWithYou awesome thanks! ^^ After looking into them more I still like Kyung the most but B-Bomb is pretty cool too. U-Kwon is a good dancer!! <3 They were so awesome in LA~
They are amazing!!! I love them. Zico is the leader, he was the one who rapped before they all performed. Then the three that performed were b-bomb, P.O, and U-Kwon. That's a sub group called bastarz and the song they performed was zero for conduct. U-Kwon is my favorite, he is cute and the best dancer! Then there is kyung like you said and he actually lived in LA for a little bit when he was in high school. Taeil is the cute small guy with glasses and Jaehyo was the guy in shorts. Zico is just really bossy but if you watch him he looks like he would be fun to hang with not work with. Sorry I'm a big fan and I went to Kcon LA as well!
There is 7 of them and my Bias is P.O so you can't have him. But they are really good and talented and I would look up U-Hoo-Hoo and Halo by them