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Since I was little, I've wanted to spend some time living in a small town.

Imagine a town of a couple hundred people - everyone knows your name, you've got a regular restaurant where the owner knows your order and everything is within walking distance. It's sounds so quaint and delightful!!!
The reason I'm weirdly obsessed with small towns is because tons of my favorite TV shows growing up took place in tiny towns. They're the perfect location for TV shows: dramatic (because everyone knows everyone's business) and chock-full of quirky characters that viewers love (think Kirk on Gilmore Girls). Anyways, these are just a couple of the quaint little TV towns that I totally want to live in when I'm at the white picket fence stage in my life.

Tree Hill - One Tree Hill

This one hits close to home because it's close to my home (Raleigh, NC). FUN FACT: the river court actually exists in Wilmington, NC and I've been there. As a giant One Tree Hill fan, it was super nostalgic. Anyways, I want nothing more than to shoot hoops on the river court and grab lunch at Karen's cafe. Tree Hill seems like an awesome place to start a family (as long as your not related to Dan Scott).

Neptune - Veronica Mars

Neptune definitely had its problems. It's portrayed as kind of a seedy town with some serious class warfare. Despite that, I think if you lived in Neptune and didn't work as a teenage PI, you'd be a little less jaded about the tiny California town. It seems like a cool beach town, similar to San Diego. I've never been a West Coast gal, but I'd totally become a surfer girl and live in Neptune for a little bit.

Capeside - Dawson's Creek

Another TV small town based on a real beach town in North Carolina, Capeside is supposed to be a quaint Massachusetts town. The Cape Cod community is super picturesque throughout the series, even though behind closed doors there's tons of drama. It's the cliche small town that's actually full of secrets. I just want to hang out on the pier and get into dramatic fights at The Icehouse like Dawson and his friends.

Stars Hollow - Gilmore Girls

The ultimate TV small town!! Monthly town festivals, an ice cream parlor, town meetings..what more could you want in a small town?? It only has one stoplight, how cute!!! Stars Hollow seems like the perfect place to grow up AND settle down. I'd love to sit at the counter at Luke's, take a dance class at Ms. Patty's and get my car fixed at Gypsy's. Living in Stars Hollow seems easy and fun, with everything you could ever want or need in one adorable place.
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Stars Hollow <3 I would live there in a second, although everyone knowing everything about me will stressssss me out haha
hahah @LizArnone that's true, everyone getting in my business would probably start to bug me but cmon Stars Hollow is too adorable to pass up!!!!!