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A house is not a home without love.

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are moving their family to Chicago and are very excited to move into their lavish new home. Their home is being featured in the latest issue of Traditional Home Magazine which will hit newsstands on Aug. 11. Thanks to interior designer Lonni Paul and home contractor Bert Connelly, the couple was able to create the family home of their dreams.
The design had their son Duke Rancic in mind as well, "Bill and I decide on how to decorate our home based on a feeling," Giuliana told E! News. "In this particular instance we were designing a home in downtown Chicago and wanted to stay true to a city feel, but still have a home that would wrap its arms around us and was a comfortable environment to raise our son. We believe we achieved this by creating an atmosphere that was cool and chic yet inviting and cozy."
"I've worked with Giuliana for years, so I really do understand her design aesthetic and she doesn't need to use inspiration photos for us to be on the same page," Lonni told E!.
"She loves traditional lines but always wants something unique and different. What I love as a designer is that she allows the space to indicate the direction of the design but always wants to add something bold and unexpected. One thing people may not know is that Giuliana has an incredible eye for contemporary art and is quite the art aficionado."
Did you know that Giuliana's closet was also created by the same designer who build Khloé Kardashian's fitness closet?
"As a fashion designer and fashionista, Giuliana was passionate from the start that she wanted the dining room to have a bold wall covering and be a real jewel in the home. We went through dozens of wall coverings until we found this one and she absolutely fell in love with it. Giuliana loved the fact that it was feminine yet still masculine enough to appeal to Bill and knew it would make the dining room a fashionable focal point in their home."
Giuliana feels very at home in her Chicago dwellings. But the fun fact is that her favorite part of the house is not her closet, but actually her master bedroom!
"I absolutely love every inch of the house but if I had to choose one I would say our master bedroom. It is a soothing shade of blue and the cathedral ceilings are absolutely incredible. Every time I open my eyes in the morning in that room I just smile and know I'm going to have a good day and I'm where I am meant to be."
And who wouldn't love her to-die-for kitchen!?
"Growing up in an Italian family and having Mama DePandi as a mother, who's an amazing chef, I certainly made the kitchen a priority. Bill is also a great cook and he designed the kitchen to have a beautiful, big island where family and friends can convene and eat our meals together. We cook every night or bring in food from one of our two restaurants, RPM Italian and RPM Steak, and have a big feast on the island!"
"Bill has impeccable taste and was the driving force behind the project," Paul told E! News.
Obviously the couple went for the highest end appliances and most up-to-date finishes. This includes a Sub-Zero refrigerator, Wolf Range, and Hans Grohe Rain Brain which customizes your own unique shower temperature and water pressure.
"We always work with materials that are indigenous to the region. In Los Angeles, our home is by the water so we use a lot of ocean and water references in our decor. In Chicago, the homes are built primarily of brick and stone and look gorgeous with molding and wide plank wood floors. But no matter what city we are living in, one thing remains the same, we always strive for chic and cozy," Rancic told E!
Paul obviously loved having the Rancic's as clients, "Giuliana is one of the easiest, if not the easiest client I have worked with in all the years I've been designing homes. She absolutely loves the design process from beginning to end. She is open to ideas and suggestions which, of course, I love as a designer. And she has the most gracious way of saying she doesn't like something and I love her for it! A home should be a reflection of the people who live there. Personal style, quality and a sense of humor make a house a home."

Do you love Bill and Giuliana Rancic's new Midwestern home?