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It's not just famous celebs that have clothing mishaps, although for the less glamorous of the human race our clothing fails don't usually involve nip slips, missing panty pictures, or ugly red carpet dresses.
But for us "typical girls" these clothing mishaps are really a day (and closet) ruiner.
The Underwire in your bra pokes out.
I mean come on, we all only have like 5 bras anyway and the constant poking in your armpit hurts! Damn you bras. Is it time for a bra burning comeback?
The loop in your jeans snapping.
If nothing else, this is the absolute worse and makes it almost impossible to pull your jeans up without the stupid loop. I just had to cut mine off because it was sticking out like a sign saying "hey everyone her pants fit weird". Mur.
Underarm stains in white t-shirts.
Everyone sweats so don't even try to lie about the sweat stains that have infected at least one of your shirts. The nasty yellow completely ruining a favorite white Tee. Damn it sweat glands.
The chub rub thigh holes.
Like bras, most girls only have a few wearable jeans that actually fit everywhere and are super comfortable (because clothing for women is a joke but thats a whole different issue). But the wear and tear of your fav pair really does tear the jeans and once you have that inner thigh hole it is all downhill from there. I am so sorry for your loss.
Lace underwear that gets holes in it after 1 bathroom break.
So you treated yourself to some nice Victoria Secret underwear. I appreciate that and have a gift card that I might just use this weekend for that. BUT the reason I need new underwear is because all of mine have holes in them! The cute lace looks amazing for the first few wears and then you pull them up and your finger goes straight though the fabric! After that the holes just get worse until your nice pair become the ratty period panties. Damn it.
Omg the thigh holes. They don't really happen to me in normal denim jeans, but I had a favorite style of black work pants I liked wearing when I was a barista, and after a few months of wear, that would inevitably happen. IT WAS SO ANNOYING. Why can't pants with a nice cut be inexpensive without being downright cheap? :'(
@danidee the question of the century ! all my fav jeans aka 2 pairs are form american eagle and they have good quality but are SOOO EXPENSIVE