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1. Tony keeps stickers in a special compartment in every Iron Man suit so he has something to give to all the kids that want to talk to him.

2. He's gotten into the habit of treating himself to weird food when he feels like he's done a good job.

3. He consistently forgets that Pepper is allergic to strawberries. All of his credit cards are programmed to be declined if he tries to buy anything with strawberries in it.

4. He had a Captain America lunch box when he was a kid.

5. He has AWESOME pajamas. Super soft and super warm and also footie pajamas because Tony Stark is an ADULT and he gets to decide what that means.

6. We all know he listens to classic rock. What we don't know is that he sings in the shower.

7. The Iron Man suit is not the smoothest ride. He gets really bruised up in there, the turbulence can be brutal, and his adrenaline goes wild every time he flies. And he loves every second of it.

8. He donates to special programs and grants for women in STEM fields.

9. He spends a lot of time with Bill Nye (the science guy) talking about ways to prevent a climate change disaster.

10. He knows he can be a self-centered jerk, and he's working on it.

If you're not familiar with the term headcanon, you should look at this card! I'd love to hear any headcanons you have for your favorite characters.
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@shannonI5 totally. He's just so fluid, I think he could fall in love with either gender.
@shannonI5 i have a headcannon that tony is Bi. like, if you're pretty, he'll sleep with you, and he prefers to top, unless he's manic, then he needs headspace.
@DanRodriguez it's one of my favorite things possibly ever
OMG, yeah! Classic. LOL!! XD
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