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If your handwriting is up to snuff, and you're looking for a greener alternative to printed escort cards, would you consider hand-calligraphed leaves? What you see here are magnolia leaves with gold ink.
Magnolia is a great leaf because it's large, sturdy and a classic Southern wedding green. The coppery brown underside is equally just as stunning as the shiny green side. Just make sure you or someone you trust has incredible handwriting skills.
While you can order magnolia leaves from several sources, I found The Magnolia Company to be the the best in terms of variety, sourcing and price. They can express ship virtually anything you need within 24 hours! So, no more last-minute wedding meltdowns.
For this project you will need:
Magnolia leaves (always get more than what you think you need)
2-3 Gold (or metallic) pens
Clear coat spray
For a good warm up and some handwriting style inspiration, watch the video above before you get started.
1. Practice on leaves to get the feel of writing on them. Don't be afraid to mess up, it's just practice.
2. Get your list of names and table seats so you know what to write.
3. Write, write, write.
4. Allow the leaves to set and dry. You don't want to smear the ink.
5. Once dry, spray a clear coat over the leaves to protect the ink from smearing later.
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That girl's caligraphy skills--wow! She's good!