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Whether you're a dedicated Beyhive fan or you just want a cute, yet temporary tattoo -- Beyonce has you covered.

If you're familiar with flash tattoos than you know that they happen to be "flash-tactic". Quite a few celebrities have teamed up with the company and now Beyonce has called dibs and created an amazing collection of 50+ metallic body art temporary tattoos. The temp tattoos range from song lyrics to bee inspired pieces -- she's even worn some of the tattoos herself before releasing them to the public. How amazing is that?
You can purchase these wonderful tattoos on flash tattoos personal site for $28 and your receive five tattoos. That's not too bad considering that this is Beyonce's collections. The summer may be coming to an abrupt end, but you can channel your inner Sasha Fierce year round. Who's gon' stop you -- huh?

Ladies, get in on this collection before it's too late.

They may be temporary, but at least you can say that you woke up like this.

yesssss! I love them. they're so beautiful!!! and pretty affordable to be honest @alywoah
These are amazing! I really want to get them!