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Nothing says "Daddy Issues" quite like naming your bunny after your father...
Yikes. Okay personally I think this is a cry for help. This may be a form of untold feelings. Kylie adopted a bunny this week where he will now join her two Italian Greyhounds as well. She brought Bruce home with her friend Pia Mia. However, many are raising their eyebrows at her name selection as she backs the claim that she did it in honor of her father, Caitlyn Jenner.
Caitlyn was originally Bruce Jenner and the family and world has watched Caitlyn's transition from male to female. It has been extremely hard on the Jenner and Kardashian families despite their outpouring of support. On a recent episode of docu-series "I Am Cait", we see Kylie and Caitlyn interact extremely positively with no issues. However, deep down for Kylie, this may not be the case. Maybe Kylie hasn't adjusted as well as we thought.

Meet Bruce.

Kylie says she feels, "so good!" about her new family addition. Some people believe that Kylie is still trying to cope by displacing her feelings towards naming her new pet bunny, Bruce. One of the biggest concerns during Caitlyn's transition was that the children felt like they were losing Bruce even though she still existed. There was a lot of mourning and feelings of betrayal which put a lot of pressure on the family. Khloé Kardashian also revealed that everyone in the family still calls Caitlyn 'Bruce'. Kylie who is queen of Snapchat has not reviewed why she picked the name she did. I'm sure she's waiting for the perfect publicity moment to make her announcement.

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What do you think of Kylie's bunny name choice?