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Sometimes you just have a rough day at work.

All right, so if you watched the video you know he's actually in on it. In the skit, they ask each other the kind of questions they usually get in interviews. Jesse asks his costar questions about preparing for the role, what her sense of humor is like, and things that seem to pertain to the movie they're promoting. Kristen asks about his nails, his body, and the all important question:

"But are you pregnant?"

Because that's an appropriate question to ask someone you don't know, right?

Ladies are clearly done with the double standards.

And they're dealing with it in the best possible way: by making us laugh. Asking actresses invasive questions about their bodies, or tiresome questions about dieting and weight loss shouldn't be the norm, but it is. And in the meantime, their male co-stars get questions about their characters, and the work they do. Sometimes the only thing you can do in the face of such ridiculousness is laugh.

Yup. They are both 100% done.

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I bet he has a favorite boob.
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like Kristin killled it
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This is awesome ^.^
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@danidee @LizArnone @allischaaff thank you! You're all so funny and nice! :D
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