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With the recent announcement that tech venture capitols are making a commitment to diversity, a movement was staring on the internet...
#ILookLikeAnEngineer was sparked by an San Fransisco subway ad that highlight its engineering employees. Isis Anchalee, after relizing others were question the ad took to twitter and posted this image.
And since then, other engineers are responding with their images.
While these new images and prompted discussion is a step in the right direction, there is still a lot we can do to support women in the tech world. @allischaaff did a wonderful job explaining how to create an environment for diversity: Venture Capitalists Pledge to Be Less White, Male. Check out her card.
And help crush the stereotype by also supporting young kids as they grow up with the dream to work in tech. Give them a face to engineering that is something other than all-white and male.
Who knew one blog post could ignite such a profound movement? It can be very alienating not fitting into the standard cookie cutter. Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of like-minded people from technology and science for a fun evening filled with activities, mingling and sharing our voices.
Awesome! Thanks for the tag @nicolejb. I agree with you completely. These images are inspiring and definitely a step in the right direction, but there's still a lot more to do! Either way, sharing images like these can only be a good thing :) so thanks for propagating the good vibes.
Yes @shannonl5! I like the idea of putting diverse faces to the occupation to inspire the younger generation and spark mentorship as well.
This is one of the things about social media that I really love. The stories I hear from the old guard suggest that these stories aren't new- programmers that are female, nonwhite, and/or LGBT have felt marginalized since the field was created. But now they we can all connect to one another quickly, to feel less lonely and empower each other to fix these problems.
Agreed! Talking and picturing it a different way is the first step, next I think we need to work on education next @allischaaff. good vibes forever and ever!