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This week is one Nicki Minaj fans will remember forever.
If you thought things couldn’t get any better after she unveiled the wax figure inspired by "Anaconda," guess again!

Buzzfeed reports that a Minaj-themed video game is on its way. Can you believe this?

The game will be created by Glu, which is the same company that put together the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Fans of Nicki Minaj can expect the game to be released sometime next year.
I can’t wait to hear more details on the concept of the video game as well. Nicki has one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases in music. This game will be a success for sure.
That's awesome! I'm not much of a gamer but I'll make an exception for the Queen
Well that's surprising... I will most likely buy it, but I'm not sure how much time I'll spend playing it...I mean I have no idea what kind of gameplay they are gonna go for... I have to agree with @shannonl5 though, Nicki is the Queen \(^-^)/
You're definitely right @MattK95 the gameplay would have to be really good to play it a lot XD