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Work is something that becomes a real priority in your twenties. You start your career, and you meet all kinds of new people.
Here are the 5 types of co-workers you'll meet in your 20's.

1. The "Super Serious" Co-Worker

This person has little to no life outside of work. They're all about business, all the time. Whenever it gets a little loud in the office, expect some shooting glances from this overburdened character. Watch out too, because if you're higher up than them, they're probably gunning for your job.
This person probably just graduated from college like you, but they take things way too far. Don't expect them to come to happy hour, they like to drink alone at home.

2. The Social Butterfly

This person is the nemesis of the serious one. This person probably has a bunch of shit on their desk and doesn't respect others' personal space, but they're the life of the office. You can catch them talking to everyone all the time, and more often than not they've got something in common with everyone in the office. This person is a party starter, has a lot of fun at work and doesn't really care what others think.
They're all about happy hour and making the best of the work-day woes, they just get a little loud sometimes.

3. The Coffee Fiend

You do not want to meet this person at a Starbucks before 8A.M. They cannot function without their first cup of coffee. In fact they're like a zombie or some kind of ghoul without it. The few times you have seen them without coffee, they've looked like a completely different person.
Normally they're pretty even keel and do good work in the office, just don't be the one who takes the last cup, or you will feel their wrath.

4. The Sleeper

This person can fall asleep literally anywhere. It doesn't matter if they're at their desk, by the water matter. They're gonna be asleep. You're always surprised at how easy it is for them to just konk out. And you're even more surprised that they haven't been fired yet.
Whenever your boss comes around to check up on things they magically wake up and everything is fine. Damn, you kind of wish you had their skill.

5. The Golden Boy/Girl

This person can't do anything wrong. It doesn't matter if you're kicking ass at work or not, they're the obvious favorite. Your boss is always talking about them, encouraging them and making an example out of their work. It's like a flashback to the smart kid in class who got all of the teachers' attention.
You secretly hate and also want to be therm. It's not personal, just business.
I'm usually the one who is having a nervous breakdown somewhere. I'm the queen of the nervous breakdown lol.
immmmmmmm totally the loud one :) hahhaa sorry super serious nemesis
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I can definitely think of co-workers who fall into all of these categories. Also, I REALLY love the comics you sketch up. I suggest using them more in your cards ;)
The Golden boy.
im pretty sure im the social butterfly. lol i just got done making brownies to bring to work so everyone can have an awesome friday
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