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Brace yourself for a serious blast from the past. I have compiled a list of 10 different fitness fads that may have seemed like a good idea in theory, but turned out to be a total disaster. After you read this, you will be chugging your kale smoothie and appreciating every workout machine at your "less-than-fancy" gym you used to take for granted.

1. The Shake Weight

Whether you were into fitness or not, everyone and their mother knew about this workout trend. Even though 2 million units were sold in its first year on the market, it not only gave off an extremely sexual gesture when you used it, but it wasn’t very effective. If you want a nice chuckle, check out clips of SNL, South Park and The Daily Show spoofing the Shake Weight. Need I say more.

2. Exercise in a Bottle

That's a sick joke, right? I mean props to the marketing team for targeting the ultra lazy demographic, but anyone with half a brain could realize this was a total hoax. Last time I checked diet pills aren't the answer to losing weight. Eating healthy and exercising are probably up there though.

3. ThighMaster

Suzanne Somers may have been the face of 80s "As Seen on TV" fitness, but something always seemed off when you squeezed, and squeezed, and squeezed some more and no results occurred. Fun fact: The developed Joshua Reynolds was also the inventor of the Mood Rings in the 70s and 80s.

4. Sweatin' to the Oldies

Sign me up because I don't know a better way than to get my workout on than to have oldies music blaring in the background and Richard Simmons telling me how to move. Kidding, of course, but I commend this line of aerobics videos hitting the country by storm and encouraging people to get off the couch and sweat all of their excess weight off.

5. 8 Minute Abs

Excuse you? No matter how intense a core exercise claims it may be, there's no physical way that an individual can achieve abs in 8 minutes. You can do millions of crunches, but if you don't condition your body in strength training, cardio and a healthy diet, you won't see any abs in any lifetime.

Any fitness fads you would add to the list?

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I always thought it was weird because essentially all it was was extremely low-impact cardio, but at the end they'd show people's 'transformations' from using the tapes and some people lost like 100+ pounds!!
hahah @danidee I could only imagine! The outfits alone were entertaining let alone the actual workout/dance moves.
Omg, my mom used to use like, half of these in the 90s. We had a thighmaster and a few copies of Sweatin To The Oldies, which is actually bizarrely entertaining to dance to when you're seven or eight years old and bored during summer break.
omg I remember the gazelle! hahaha good times @allischaaff
Hahaha @danidee low impact is right, my mom had a bunch of this too. As well as Tony Little's Gazelle, which is a hilarious machine that is just so much fun but does very little. It's like the evolutionary step before the elliptical. Look up a video of it in use, so funny