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Moral nihilism

Morals don’t exist. There is no absolute right and wrong in the universe. I kinda agree, actually. Still, unless you are a robot or a psychopath (it can happen), you have a moral compass. A sense of right and wrong. Empathy is simply one of our traits we’ve gained as we evolved. If moral nihilism is the reason you reject veganism, then I ask you to try and apply it to all other aspects of your life as well. Ask yourself whether the only reason you would not hurt or murder anyone is because you might go to jail. Would you really feel no regret? Would the fact that morals do not exist make you feel less bad about causing suffering to another human being? If not, then I suggest you move on to a less hypocritical argument.

It’s unnatural

Whether it’s “natural” or not, it is a fact that a human being can be 101% healthy on a vegan diet. In fact, it’s easier to be unhealthy on a non-vegan diet. If eating animal products is obligatory in whatever nature-worshipping cult you belong to, I’d just like to point out that perhaps you should be more worried about animal agriculture being the number one reason for pollution, deforestation, global warming and the killing of our oceans. You know what the most natural thing is? Surviving. And by destroying our planet, you’re making that very hard for a whole lot of people.

Vegan food is expensive

Sure. “Special” vegan food is usually expensive. Although you can even make many of them at home: seitan, rice milk, soy milk… You don’t need fake meats and fake cheese to be vegan! Rice is vegan, potatoes are vegan, pasta is vegan, beans, peas, salads, fruit, bread, peanut butter and jam, vegetables, noodles, soup… Even cookies! Some “regular” cookies happen to be vegan (and they’re usually even cheaper than non-vegan cookies).

It’s unhealthy

Nope, sorry, not true! If you want to know more about just how healthy a plant-based diet is, I suggest watching Dr. Greger’s Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.

Vegans make bad athletes

Shh, don’t say things like that, I don’t want
to laugh at you. Or
, a man unable to climb the stairs at the age of 40, who then adopted a vegan diet and began training - best known for his participation in the Ultraman World Championships. He recorded the second fastest time for the 10 km swim, beating many professional athletes and finishing 11th overall. Or
… How about

Plants feel pain

Firstly, plants don’t feel pain. Secondly, vegans use less plants than non-vegans. So if plants did feel pain, a vegan would still cause less suffering. But, you know. They don’t feel pain.

We’re on the top of the food chain

Yes, and? How does having someone at your mercy, having power over them, justify exploitation? We are, as a civilisation, as a society, as a species, supposed to strive to cease suffering and extend kindness and justice. Killing might have been a necessary at some point in history - it might even be today in some cases - but when it’s not?

It’s always been this way

Indeed it has. And indeed this feeble argument has been used throughout history by those trying to justify an immoral act. “When you start with a necessary evil, and then over time the necessity passes, what’s left?”

I don’t care

And I don’t care that you don’t care. Because everyone should have the right to do as they please as long as their actions do not hurt anyone else. As long as their actions do not cause pain to others. Your rights end where the rights of another begin. So whether you care what happens to others is (should be) irrelevant - we, as a society, should not grant you the right to cause harm.

@HermitRay just curious, where did you find that figure?
You go girl!! @yernaya this is an awesome card and does a great job addressing the (stupid) arguments people use against veganism. I will definitely refer back to this next time someone challenges the vegan lifestyle in front of me...
Cucumber feels 4 times more pain than any human. But it's way better than eating meat.