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Middle school is awkward for everyone.

My downfall included braces, gauchos and a weird obsession with the color orange. It was a dark time that I don't like to reminisce about, but there is one thing from my middle school years that I look back on fondly. Boy Meets World.
The halls of John Adams were home to all the classic middle school moments that I was also experiencing. It was light-hearted, wise and relatable, and I finished every episode thinking "okay, cool I'm not the only one who tried to crimp my hair even though my mom said it would be a really bad idea." Essentially, it made me feel like I wasn't alone in trying to survive middle school because everyone else was handling the same awkward moments.

Having a crush.

Luckily texting didn't really exist in middle school or I would have been a total wreck. How do you even flirt without emojis?!?

Sex Ed.

You know Cory's making everyone in that classroom blush because he just said "uterus". Sex ed proved just how immature everyone in middle school really was.

First dates.

I distinctly remember this episode because Cory tries to show Topanga how to play pool and it's the most adorable/awkward thing you've ever seen. Teaching a girl to play pool, smooth move Cory.

Trying a new hairstyle.

I remember the day I stopped parting my hair in the middle, it was a HUGE DEAL. For me at least. It could have been worse though, I did try crimping a few times.

First kisses.

This moment always made me feel better about my first kiss because..well c'mon they both look sort of terrible. You imagine this perfect moment and then Cory has an afro and Topanga's hair looks like she's been electrocuted. Despite that, this moment is still so cute and that gave me hope for my future romantic moments.
middle school... what a roller coaster haha
@jokes yeah they definitely were...i can still remember some of the outfits i wore and then i cringe @esha high school is significantly better!! good luck :)
@laurafisher the dances were the best and the worst at the same time
@jokes haha I know right! Between the terrible school pictures and middle school dances, it's a wonder we all survived.