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KPOP Assistance!
Okay so I may not be new when it comes to KPOP but it would nice if i took a break from SHINee and Big Bang lol (even though i can't sem to get enough of them) Can anyone recommend me any KPOP groups?! It can be any genre. Hip-hip, pop, rock, r&b, whatever i don't care! Lol i just want to vary my options and listen to other groups as well and give them a chance. If anyone can recommend me a few, that'd be great! I trust you my Vingle peeps.

You're the only people i can expose my nerdyness to and not be judged from it:)

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EXO and BTS I'm already up to par with. i can't get enough馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
Everyone else pretty much covered all the Kpop groups I'd mention... But here are some names you can type into YouTube that I'd think others, including you @ashelykpop, might like: G.Soul (Korean singer), Lee Jin Ah (has a very unique voice), BinGa (he does dance covers), Ina Jung (Korean song covers, she's good), and jwcfree (he does really cool guitar covers of Kpop and American songs). Though they aren't officially Kpop groups, there are all skilled Asian peeps that I look up to cause of their musical/artistic talent.