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Screw Normal Houses, Give Me A Tree House

Since so many people loved my card about Tiny Houses I thought you might also be interested in another new and AMAZING way to live...

Fully furnished and jaw dropping Tree Houses!

You read that right. There is now a show called TreeHouse Masters that build beautiful and livable tree houses. So any of you who related to Tarzan on a level most people could not understand....well this guys does!
The tree houses are not your run of the mill planks nailed together like you had when you were a kid (or at least saw in the movies). These tree house include
- a working bathroom
- a functional kitchen
- running water
- the most amazing views
So what are you waiting for? Sell that old house and hop on the coolest band wagon yet. Tree Houses: To recreate your childhood...only now you have money.
Check out this tour of a recently finished tree house!
Doesn't that just look stunning. And the host of the show is SO NICE! I can not get over how beautiful this tree house is.
Here are just a few more pics of their amazing creations.
Here is a tree house that's roof is a living part of it! Many tree houses grow plants and grass onto their roofs to great an even earthier feel.
No size or shape is impossible for the tree masters as they create circle houses and even houses that take the shape of a pinecone!
Just look at the inside of this house!! Its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!
Although I think building a tree house like this one is going to cost a little more then a tiny house....
Well, happy saving and let me know if you would be just as down to live in a tree house as I am!
I thought you might like this card since you liked the last one !!
Holy shit! I'm getting one of these built for myself! And I will never come down.
These are really cool. I remember paging through a coffee table book on these when I was visiting Powell's in Portland. Love that place!
I'm down!!!
They are beautiful and amazing g but I wouldn't trust them if my life depended on it haha
I want to live in a place like this
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[무슨 일들이 있었을까?]2020상반기 요약
벌써 7월 이라니... 분명 많은 일들이 일어났었는 것 같은데 대체 무슨 일이 일어났었는지... 그래서 오늘은 2020 상반기 요약! 과연 2020년 상반기에는 무슨일이 일어났을까요? 1월[이때부터 불길한 기운이...] 1. 우한 폐렴(코로나) 발병 이때부터 하루가 매우 빨라진 것 같은데요. 진짜 확진자 엄청 늘 때 너무 무서웠습니다ㅠ 2. 내일은 미스터트롯 1월 하면 또 미스터트롯을 뺄 수 없죠. 중간에 코로나 때문에 방송 하는데도 어려웠을텐데 방송 해주셔서 고맙소~~고맙소~~ 3. 호주산불 생각보다 엄청 불이 커서 저도 무서웠죠 그래도 열심히 노력해주신 소방관님들 그리고 많은 사람들이 기부를 해주신 덕분에 조금이라더 빨리 꺼진 것 같네요 2월[이제 진짜 시작이다] 1. 기생충 아카데미 4관왕 뒤에 안 좋은 일들이 많아서 좋은 일 부터 시작 할께요 아카데미 4관왕이라니!!! 봉준호 감독님 멋있어요~! 2. 국내 첫 사망자 안타깝니만...사망자가 나와버렸네요 ㅠㅠㅠ 3. 신천지 확진자도 늘고 확찐자도 늘고...ㅠ 신천지만 좀 조심했으면 훨씬 상황이 나아졌지 않을까요? 3월[몸은 멀리 마음은 가까이] 1. 사회적 거리두기 최대한 집에 머무르라 하셔서 매일 집에만 있었습니다... 덕분에 확진자는 안됬지만 확찐자가 되어버렸습니다 ㅠ 다들 사회적 거리두기 잘 지키셨나요? 2. 올림픽 개최 연기 올림픽 까지도 연기 시키다니 코로나의 힘은 어디까지 인걸까요...? 3. n번방 여기 관련된 사람은 다 벌 받아야 해요! 4월[사상 최초 4월 개학?] 1. 안동 산불 호주에 이어 우리 나라도..소방관님들 사랑합니다 2. 개학연기 사상최초 4월 개학?...3차연기...4차연기...5차연기 학생 여러분들도 수고가 많습니다 3. 온라인 개학 4월 개학인 줄 알았더니 온라인 개학이네요... 이제 선생님들 다 알 수 있으니 꼼수 부리지 마렴~~ 5월[고생 끝에 낙이온다? 고생 끝에 고생온다!] 1. 깡 음악을 듣고 있으면 몸을 움직이게 하는 노래 올해 수능 금지곡 일 것 같네요 다들 1일 1깡 하셨습니까? 2. 개학 학생들이 기다리고 기다리던 개학을 했지만 확진자는 늘고 학생들은 마스크 때문에 집중도 잘 안될 것 같네요 ㅠ 선생님들은 또 얼마나 힘드시겠어요... 모두들 힘내세여~! 3. 이태원 클럽 집단감염 흠...사회적 거리두기 잊었습니까...다들 조심합니다...! 6월[엎친데 덮친데 또 덮친 격] 1. 여름 그가 다가왔습니다 여름... 벌써 부터 마스크 못 쓰겠는 데 이제 앞으로 일어날 일을 생각하면 눈물이 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 2. 남북공동연락사무소 폭파 남북의 상징이기도 했던 남북공동연락사무소 이대로 남북 관계는 어떻게 될까요? 3. 조지 플로이드 사망 항의시위 오우... 숨 막힌다면 다르게 제압 해야지!!! [과연 빙글에서는 어떤일이?]빙글에서 일어난 일 Top3 순위는 제 개인적인 생각입니다 Top3 빙글 서버 점검 이때 빙글이 12시 쯤에 되서 카드를 썼는데 카드가 임시저장이 안됬던 엄청난 일이 생각 나군요... Top2 300만 카드 크...한국이 해냈어!!! TOP1 19세 소녀(?) 솔직히 너무 무서웠어요 ㄷㄷ 오늘은 이렇게 2020 상반기를 정리 해봤는데요 참 많은 일이 일어난 것 같군요 ㅎ 빨리 코로나가 괜찮아져서 밖에 나가 마음 껏 생쾌한 공기를 마실 수 있길 바랄께요 ㅎ 그럼 남은 2020도 열심히 살아(?)봐요. <월간 빙글>
Dining in Palampur
Palampur is a well-known occasion in the province of Himachal Pradesh. This interesting and lovely slope station is known for its fantastic tea gardens and eminent mountain sees. Head this late spring to this slope town and spend a loosening up excursion. What's more, no excursion is finished except if one has extraordinary food experience during the outing. Along these lines, here is a rundown of dining in Palampur, that would add on to your stunning excursion in this pretty town of Himachal Pradesh. Araiya Palampur Treat yourself to a food experience in Araiya Palampur that will wait on your taste buds and your recollections. This is a setting that befits the rich experience you are guaranteed with each second you spend here. Regardless of whether the main feast of the day, a sluggish lunch, a speedy bite or a casual, comfortable supper toward the finish of an astounding day, this throughout the day eating region opens up its entryways and the choicest alternatives for you. So come and enjoy your dining in Palampur with Araiya Palampur with your loved ones. Taj Restaurant This is a little eatery situated in this delightful slope town. The spot serves heavenly food and is an absolute necessity to take a stab at one's visit to the city. The costs are very sensible and the taste is incredible. The menu probably won't be excessively immense, however, the eatery has all the fundamental dishes secured. On the off chance that you are chatting with kids, at that point you can attempt their maggie, which is basic yet delectable. Skyroom Bar & Restro If you are searching for popular dining in Palampur to visit with family, at that point Skyroom ought to be your top pick. It is an extraordinary family eatery in this slope town which serves Indian, Asian, Chinese and International cooking. The insides of the spot are pleasantly done. The administration is snappy and the food served is flavorful. Situated in the primary market, one can without much of a stretch arrive at this café. Skyroom Skyroom Bar & Restro serves delightful soups, and one should attempt one of those during their visit here. Cloud 7 The interesting component of this café is this is a rotating eatery in Palampur. It is an incredible spot which serves quality food in the slope town. The staff is accommodating and inviting. The administration is commendable and the food merits eating there once more. The spot serves a smorgasbord too close by individually. On the off chance that you are visiting the slope station throughout the winter, at that point their sweet, 'gajar ka halwa' is an unquestionable requirement attempt.