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Not long ago, Kelly Obsourne made a comment that put her in a very difficult position. In response to a discussion about Donald Trump's take on Latin Americans and immigration, Osbourne made a statement on The View:

"If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?"

People over social media have been responded angrily to her racist remarks. Osbourne states that she wasn't able to finish what she what saying, and she didn't mean in it in the way that she did. My question is, what could she have possibly say that would make those words any better? Her first apology was made on via Facebook. She made her second apology on EXTRA TV.
Here's Osbourne's second apology:
I wish I could have actually heard, "I'm sorry." from her lips. Honestly, when someone says a sorta-apology, and "BUT" is followed, I don't think the apology is sincere. However, I know she's feeling the heat. She is being bullied on social media -- which I don't think is necessary, or right. In these cases, it's mostly a lack of education and possibly a slip of the tongue. I am interested in what she actually meant, though. And Trump pretty much has my closed ears at this point. He's just a media glutton.
I love Kelly Osbourne, but whether she meant what she said or people misunderstood, she should've worded her words differently and thought before she spoke. it always goes this way and then people rush to cover their tracks -- especially when it comes to saying something racist. but like @shannonl5 she seems like her apology was sincere, even though she didn't necessarily say the words sorry. I'm sure her intentions were good. just a huge misunderstanding.
@alywoah oh definitely. That's absolutely valid. Even if the reported had just asked "are you sorry" I think that would have opened it up, she could have said yes, and that would have helped. Overall though, I wish that more attention was being given to the people who are explaining why what she said was hurtful. It's good to give her space to apologize, but it would be much better to use this attention to give people who are knowledgeable and want to a platform to speak.
It sounds like her apology was sincere- as much as one can tell when you don't know her personally. She did say that she didn't mean it that way, that she was cut off, and all of that kind of feels like a non-apology. But then she went on to say that none of that matters, that her intent didn't matter and what DOES matter is that she hurt people and that she needs to take responsibility and do whatever she can to make it right. She didn't blame people for being upset with her, she tried to understand, which is exactly what people need to do when they say something really terrible and hurtful. Will I be skeptical moving forward? Of course. And people have every right not to forgive her, because she can't unsay what she said. But I think my energy might be better spend tearing apart whatever Trump says next.
Take a joke, people need to stop getting mad over EVERYTHING
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