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These are the 8 kinds of K-pop fans that I have encountered in my fandom experience so far. Have you met any of these kinds of fans? Are you one of these kinds? Have you met any other kinds? Let me know, lol.

The Fandom Grower

Do you remember the person that got you into K-pop? Or have you met a K-pop fan who shares MVs and tries to get people into K-pop. They are the fandom growers. They do the hard work that most of us either avoid doing or are too lazy to do. I am not a fandom grower but having talked to a few, I can understand why they do it. They joy of getting someone new into a fandom is unlike any other. Thank you to all the fandom growers out there!

The Lost One

These are the fans that have gone so far into the fandom, that sometimes you don't even see them. They are constantly buried in K-pop news and MVs. And they are in the stage of learning every possible thing about their K-pop groups and members. I remember being this kind of K-pop fan for a while...watching every IKON competition and show was so much fun...T_T.

The Lone Wolf

This kind of fan is rather unique. They are part of the fandom but like to keep it to themselves. They don't talk about the fandom in real life or with online friends. They just fangirl or fanboy on their own time, when no one else is around. I've talked to one person like this (I happened to find out when they were listening to music) and I learned that they just like to keep their hobby to themselves. Something that they don't need to share with others. To them I say, if they ever want to fan-scream with other, we are here. ^_^

The Easily Amused

Have you ever met a fan that is just amazed by every fandom related thing. They are not necessarily experts on the groups or the fandom itself. But they just LOVE IT. Like...to the MAX. I love these kinds of fans. I have a friend who I worry might pass out if she just sees a picture of her favorite group or hears the name of a group member. These are the most adorable kinds of K-pop fans.

The Eternally Sensitive

I am not sure if any of you have encountered these kinds of fans, but I have met a few K-pop fans who are SUPER sensitive. When I was still just getting into EXO over a year ago, I remember telling them the names of the members and forgetting 2 names...and they almost cried. Bring up their bias...and it's a waterfall of feels. They can also get extremely offended or angry when it comes to certain fandom related things.

The Forever In Denial

I'm sure most of you have met this kind of K-pop fan. They deny that they are into K-pop but their playlist says otherwise. I am not sure exactly why they do it. Maybe they are trying to be hipster about their music tastes? But they will almost never agree that they are a fan. I have had friends who secretly jam out to K-pop, but if you catch them in the act of dancing to Fantastic Baby, they will deny it with all their heart.

The Original Fan

These are my favorite kinds of fans. They have been in the fandom for a LONG time. They are usually the most mature and calm fans in the K-pop fandom. They don't outwardly fangirl like most of us do. And they understand the issues in the fandom and address them in a smart manner. The only way you can ever annoy them is by arguing about groups when they know way more about.

The Hater

Let's not even. Ugh. You ALL know exactly what I am talking about. They make things hell for the fandom. They are really good at making everything sound wrong and offensive. I have met a few of them in real life...it was not a fun conversation.
The lone wolf slowly turning into the original fan. Lol
I'm like a mut. I can see myself in a little of each of these sections
@AmbieB lol ur mom sounds hilarious! ...and on a side note ..I LOVE ur hair color in ur profile pic! 😍
I am both the lone wolf and lost one lolol
I think I'm Easily Amused XD I know some of these but avoid some too ㅋㅋㅋ
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