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No one really tells you what "going out-wear" means, but when you're in college, you see enough bandage skirts and bodycon dresses to know the standard dresscode. But what happens when you graduate? The world of bars, clubs, and legal drinking is now open to you to explore, and at the same time, acceptable clothing choices change. Clubwear is a little different than standard going out-wear, so I'm going to show you how to dress when you're bar-hopping with your no-longer-in-college friends.
Thanks to @allischaaff for the idea for this card!

Do... wear skinny jeans as a safe bet.

You can't really go wrong in skinny jeans. They can easily be dressed up with a silk top and heels, and down with booties and your standard sexy tank. Unless you're going to a cocktail party or semi-formal event, skinny jeans look age-appropriate and sexy everywhere. If you're ever not sure of the vibe of your destination, skinny jeans, high or mid-rise, black or lightwash, cropped or long, will always look good and night-ready, with an easy tank that shows some skin.

Don't... wear your $5 tiny tube skirt.

It's time to throw out those little black bandage skirts that got so much wear in college. I'm sorry to say that those five inches of elastic that just barely covered your butt might have been acceptable in college, but you're (kind of) an adult now. Dress accordingly, and hand that near-headband of a skirt off to your eighteen-year-old cousin.

Do... complement a cropped top with a high neck.

There's nothing wrong with showing some skin, and cropped tops don't seem to be going anywhere out of style. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a cropped top with a higher neck, to your collarbone or even a mock or turtleneck. This silhouette will still look sexy, but won't have the possibly trashy effect of resembling a bralette.

Don't... show more than three inches of midriff.

While cropped tops are still totally acceptable through your twenties, be aware of just how much skin you're showing. Whether it's a top with a slightly short hem showing a slip of skin around your belly button, or a dramatically cropped top with which you wear high waisted pants or a skirt, make sure that we're only seeing a peek of midriff, an inch or a couple of inches. If you're baring your whole belly, it won't be the most sophisticated look.

Do... balance tight pieces with loose pieces.

Tight tops and tiny skirts may have been your frat party uniform, but it's time to make yourself over with more adult-appropriate nightwear. The best way to do this is to balance out tight with loose. Pair high-waisted boyfriend jeans with a fitted cropped top, or your tightest skinny jeans with a flowy cami. Your favorite skin-tight top from college doesn't have to be abandoned, but try it with an a-line skirt instead of your tiny bandage skirt.

If you want to wear all-bodycon... go with a longer hem.

Bodycon dresses are tricky, because they're all the rage in college, and then it becomes questionable when and where they're still appropriate. Clubwear is a little different, and more welcoming of the bodycon dress, but otherwise, it's a questionable look over your college years. If you're down to show off your curves, go longer in the hem to keep the look sophisticated. A body-hugging dress can still look sophisticated if the hem hits just above your knees.
On the flip side, if you want to show a lot of leg (nothing wrong with that!), opt for a minidress that's only fitted in places, like in the top and then cuts close to your body, but isn't skintight, on bottom. An a-line minidress that emphasizes your tiny waist and flares out is often more comfortable and more universally flattering, anyway!
yes, @allischaaff! Skinny jeans can totally be transformed, especially if you pair them with a top that shows some skin. I think a longer bodycon dress is a great alternative to the tiny butt-grazing dresses we all wore that basically look like children's shirts.
I really like the last look – I think bodycon with a longer hem is a genius idea, because it's so classy and so sexy simultaneously. I also think I tend to underrate the sexiness of skinny jeans, because they're such an "everyday" piece, but I love that look too! And paired with the right top, i'm realizing they are totally going out material/
This is so useful!!!