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Hot dogs are one of my favorite foods (yay unhealthy things!). But, sometimes I can get pretty bored of the normal-looking ones that you can get from a street vendor in NYC. Oh, I can choose between mustard AND ketchup?
Gimme more, folks!
So, here's a tortilla hot dog wrap, or you can call them "Pigs in a Poncho".

Alright, let's make something easy and yummy!

What You'll Need:

1 tortilla
1 hot dog
Shredded cheese

How To Make It:

1) Place shredded cheese near the middle of the tortilla with the hot dog.
2) Tightly roll the tortilla.
3) Add oil into a pan. Set to medium-heat.
4) Place in pan. Rotate each side until golden brown.
nom nom nom NOMMMMMM!!!!
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You have to let me know how it is!!! I've never tried that brand but I'm def going to add it to my list of things to try! Thanks for the recommendation :) @DaniVO
this looks so good. Making it tonight dor dinner. Thank for sharing.
yay let me know how u like em!!
@alywoah I really liked it; thanks for the idea! I used non-dairy cheese and veggie franks and I also added banana peppers! Yummy!
wow these look good!! nothing like mama used to make :)