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If you're in the thick of things and need an a remedy, you should be reaching for fig. Since most things on line are true (wink), here are the top four benefits of consuming fresh figs:
1. Cancer prevention! If eaten regularly in small quantities, the antibacterial properties stymie cancerous cells from producing.
2. Cholesterol reduction! Figs contain Pectin, which is the soluble fiber that your body needs.
3. Mitigate high blood pressure and lower your risk for heart attacks.
4. Turn around diabetes. Despite the enormous amount of sugar in the fruit, its leaves have been shown to reduce the need for insulin when properly decocted.
Now, in light of all this health info, I see no reason why you couldn't partake of said fruit in the form of a cocktail!
Fig Newton Cocktail
2½ ounces fig vodka
1 oz sprite or other lemon lime soda
Add the vodka to a cocktail sharer.
Fill with ice and shake well.
Pour into a chilled cocktail glass, top with sprite.
Garnish with fig slices.
Even if all the things we read about online regarding health isn't true, at least we will have imbibed on something absolutely delicious. Click here for more imbibery goodness!
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You know I love imbibery goodness! :D This sounds delish. I love figs