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Now this is a food holiday worth celebrating!

Please tell me you've all had a root beer float before. They're a once-a-year summertime staple in my family, when we all decide we've been good enough for one year and now it's time to splurge on the tastiest, creamiest dessert drink of all time. OF ALL TIME.
Root beer floats could not be easier to make!

Step One

Fill a glass 2/3 of the way with root beer.

Step Two

Add a biiig scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream.

Step Three

Add a straw and a spoon, and enjoy!


You can use store brand root beer, or fancy shmancy locally bottled root beer made from cane sugar. The same goes for the ice cream: you can use classic vanilla, vanilla bean, chocolate, bourbon pecan, maple walnut... the combinations are literally endless. You can add hot fudge, or even whipped cream and a cherry, like in the image above!
And, if you're over the legal drinking age...
you can make a Grown-Up Root Beer Float by adding a shot of vanilla vodka! This is seriously delicious, and I highly recommend it (*cough cough* @marshalledgar @rodiziketan).
Go out and celebrate tonight! You've all tried these before, right? If not, you're missing out!!
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Good plan @marshalledgar :D
I will do my research on root beer and will get back to you @allischaaff Oh, you really think so? I would so like to be in U.S. right now. But if you guys @marshalledgar come and surprise me in Slovenia, I promise I will treat you with nothing but great home made food and cocktails, all time long.
Ummm... I hate root beer floats...
@jlee37 FOR REAL?!?! How is that possible??? Or are you just trying to brainwash yourself into thinking that, so you don't consume all those delicious calories...
@allischaaff For real. I don't like s'mores either. *dun dun duuuunnnn*