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UNIQ Dating Game: πŸ’– Part 3: Choose Your Chariot πŸ’–
Okay!! So now you Know who your Date is, Let's resume this and Pick a Car. As I said Before, Each car will lead to a destination where your Date will be. SO. . .
If you are just now joining us: WELCOME!! Start here please https://www.vingle.net/posts/983764

Then Here:

Without anymore anticipation, I will Let you choose:
Car I: We have the Aston Martin One 77:
For a James Bond Type Feel πŸ’–
Car II: Bugatti Veyron πŸ’–
I Woke up in the new Bugatti. . . Now this lyrical line will FOREVER be in my Mind. . .
Car III: Ferrari Enzo πŸ’–
One of my personal Favorites
Car IV: Lamborghini Aventador πŸ’–
I'm in that Wham Bam Purple Lam. . . I will have this stuck in my head as well. . .
Car V: Saleen Raptor πŸ’–
I have always wanted one, and I will have just enough cash after my 200th Birthday! XD
So while y'all are in those SEXY Exotics Up Top, I will be Cruising in my Hemi Cuda!!!
So Come Pick a Car. Tomorrow I will Reveal what your date will be consisting of.
*Vroom Vroom*
Alright Vinglers, Unicorns and my fellow Kpop Fam. Pick a Car:

Comment What Chariot your Angel will pick you up in!!!
Hope you all are enjoying THIS! ^~^
BTW: Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated for the upcoming parts!
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