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Our view of ourselves is often the harshest and most unfair. I've taken to sketching out some of my issues and dealing with them on a visual level, as this has truly shown me the low opinion I have of myself. This challenge / exercise is to just draw a simple sketch, a cartoon if you will of yourself. An honest rendering with whatever detail you feel necessary. Below it, you should write one sentence, whether it be a song lyric, something borrowed from a poem, or something you write yourself....that describes you. You can simply take a picture with your phone, and upload it mobilly or email it to yourself to save to your computer, and then upload. Doesn't matter! How do you see yourself? I'd love to see an entry from @jordanhamilton @alywoah @lizarnone @BPF1916 @buddyesd @TerricaRiley and anyone else who wants to participate. No shaming others' drawings! This is a safe and fun exercise meant to gain insight and knowledge of how we can better treat ourselves and each other!
"I can't choose between death and glory."
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@BPF1916 that's probably best lol
@TerrecaRiley oh... Tess way will work
They will @BPF1916 did you try emailing the picture to yourself and then downloading it to your computer.
@TessStevens nop :/ I'll try. going to email the support too
@BPF1916 Let me know what happens ;/ cause I'd love to see your sketch!