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We all have seen that you go anywhere in this world. Everyone believes in GOD. Though they are from different religion but they do believe in GOD. But why is this so?
Most of the people in this world say that they get a peace and positive energy by worshipping the God. Believing in God give them a right way of doing the things. Whenever they are in trouble, God saves him.
But then why peoples reminds of GOD whenever they are in trouble? I believe we all look for a support because without any support we feel hopeless. God is also used as a support everywhere.
We mainly making community by believing in GOD and religion because we feel safe by doing this. It is an human being tendency that they like to make their own groups whether we were in school, college or office. We all like to live in our groups basically in our support. In a same way God is just creating community.
Think about a situation where a man is in a bad situation. What will that man do? He will think of God at that time because i he wants to have a support. Now an another situation a child is brought up since childhood to his adulthood without any knowledge of God. He knows nothing about him. How that grown up child will behave in a bad situation? Will he think of someone or think in a proper way? I am not against anyone just sharing a thought. :)
That's actually a pretty good topic and I really like your thoughts. Well I'm an atheist (technically) but I would love to believe in God, I just can't. There is this idea stuck in my head for years now: what if god is just a placebo? a human creation? a human need to be specific. I don't want to offend anybody, I totally support other people's choice to believe in God but what if? What if this superior being is just people's fears and cries for help in disguise? A need to believe in something that doesn't exist: utter perfection.
I really like this
Really interesting post @DeepakAswal and response @lifeisok .... I'm not sure what I really think abou tthis either, but it's all interesting...