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Here is another summery fruity drink with its amazing strong red color. It is vodka based drink that also calls for some sweet fruity liquors - creme de cassis and peach vodka. Just add a bit of orange juice and top it of with cranberry juice. It is really good for a summer day, burning under the sun. If @allischaaff and @marshalledgar (anyone can join, the more the better) are comming to Slovenia, this kind of stuff will always be on your menu.
is this on your balcony? is that a river or lake I spy in the background? this drink looks so cold and wet and refreshing. I imagine gulping it down ready for another glass @rodiziketan
Mountains work great too. For as much as I love to brag about California, I have only been on and through the Santa Monica Mountain range. :(.. :(.. I've been too busy strolling in flip flops near Santa Monica Pier. ;) ;)
yeah it is my belcony, tho the backround is not water. @allischaaff It is actually a mountain. @marshalledgar it is refreshing as it looks.
Mmmmm XD I agree, @marshalledgar that sounds like sheer perfection. And you live by the water??? :O lucky!!
it does look kind of blue-green, but it is because of contrast. @allischaaff
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