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So my oldest sister just turned 30 thirty minutes ago (yeah, actually thirty minutes ago) and this week has been way to crazy because of her, celebrating if with all her friends and family. Me and my other two sisters were thinking about what we should get her for a present. She is a kind of a person that doesn't like small gifty gifts and collectibles, she actually doesn't like gifts at all. She's always saying how we shouldn't spend our money on her gifts, that spending time with each other is a gift itself (she lives in Dublin and only comes to Slovenia once a year). But of course we had to get her something.
I came up with an idea of taking a picture of four of us and frame it. So we did that. And please note, we look retarded on a photo on purpose, we were going for this crazy family look. I think it actually turned out quite fun, I like it :) And since we had not take a picture together for like 5 years, it makes it even more special. We also gifted her with beautiful amazon gift card, so she will enjoy the free shipping from to Dublin. In the end, she loved the gift.
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Late by Happy Birthday to her!! :D