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When it comes to weddings, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! I don't say that as an omen of misfortune or a proclamation of doom, but it is the honest truth. And you might be surprised to learn that bridal bouquets have been lost, stolen, forgotten and everything in between before the wedding has even started!
Whatever you do, DON'T PANIC!
Here is a down n dirty do-it-yourself for throwing a bridal bouquet together in the nick of time.
Get your supplies:
Fresh flowers (grocery stores are everywhere)
Flower tape (or any tape like what you find at 7-11)
Thick ribbon (or a scarf or something like satin or chiffon)
Crystal-headed pin (optional, maybe snatch a brooch from an aunt)
Hairspray (you should already have this at the wedding)
Scissors (you should already have this too)
1. Take all the leaves off the flowers. Thorns too.
2. Begin creating a spherical shape as best you can, holding the flowers in one hand and fussing with the other.
3. Once you have the desired shape, wrap the stems in tape, just enough to hold together--at the top and where the hands hold it.
4. Snip the stems of the flowers to about 7-8 inches long.
5. Wrap the steps with ribbon.
6. Pin a brooch on the handle so it looks legit.
7. Spray the flowers with hairspray to keep them looking perfect.
Lastly, despite hating your bridal bouquet, and despite it looking pretty damn good for a last-minute emergency fix, forget about all that; no one will ever know about the minor bump in the road unless you tell them. Also, this day is about you and your husband--not flowers!
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