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I was at my neighbors' today and I just love her dog and her cat. I can't choose favourites, because they are both so great. They are cute, they are funny, sometimes they are stupid and they are always up for a photoshoot.
Her name is Sana and she actually has two homes; one at her owner and one at my house. I can not get enough of her smilling when she sees me.
This is mr. Chillax. He does nothing. Ever. I have never seen him running, chasing mice, only just laying around. This is his favourite spot to "live his life to the fullest".
This is mr. Chillax (actually, his name is Muri, but I gave him a nickname), just being fat and trying to sleep, while Sana is watching him.
Sana on her break after crazy-running around with her best friend - me.
Some more lazy moments from mr. Chillax.
Now this photo... this is all me. I was having so much fun with those two, I kept on taking pictures and the pictures get weirder and weirder.
Putting a smelly beer bottle afrond of them and trying to get them to look in the same directions (away from the camera) is not an easy thing to do, but I made it come true.
One last one, just to see the natural modeling skills of these two amazing pets, I am lucky to have as my neighbors.
The cats are usually like the older sibling that’s like rolling their eyes at the silly little dog younger sibling! haha @rodiziketan
it really is. They are like brothers and sisters. @nicolejb
I think when dogs and cats are the best of buds, it’s the cutest thing! Loved this :)