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Offended by YouTube. Topp Dogg & Silento?!
So I'm watching Topp Dogg covering Ellie Goulding's song and i see that YouTube recommended me to watch Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)"


First of all, that's not even KPOP. Second of all, that's not even music. Yet, YouTube had the audacity to recommend me to watch it?! You're fucking up YouTube. You really got some balls.

How can i be recommended to watch this video when I'VE NEVER EVEN SEEN IT BEFORE?!

I feel offended. It's bad enough i know the song and dance.. But yet i can't dance Super Junior's "Mr. Simple". I should feel ashamed for a spanish girl.. Time to curl up in a corner.. Later my fellow peeps^.^ Sorry i had to rant lol
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This made me laugh so hard xD I hate when youtube puts videos I can't stand as a recommendation
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