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This one isnt the happiest topic Ive had but its important. If anyone reading this has lost someone I hope this helps. Within a year I lost all three of my gandmas. The middle was the only one that crushed me for obvious reasons. My nana was my closest relative the only one I truely care about. She was always good to me like I tried to be for her. She lived with her mom which is my great grandma she died first. My mom found her she was 97. So I wasnt sad because I knew she wanted to die. Im happy her suffering ended. Then my nana got sick. She had stage four breast cancer for years and didnt say anything. We found out when almost bled to death in the living room. From there it got slowly worse. She fought for awhile but on April 6, 2014 at 10:30 am she lost. My mom was called at work and I was home with my dad. She was in hysterics as she came in. I'll never forget that day. We were there by 11 and she was gone. For the longest time I waited for her to call me and ask why havent I visited her. If I remember right I kept accidentally calling her. The images of the last times I saw her still haunt me. The way she felt you dont forget things like that. You dont forget last words either. The last words we said was I love you. Let me just say that helped me so much when I grieved. Death is part of life and its gonna happen unfortunately. Theres no way to be prepared for it either really. Having at least one person to help you through is important. The worst is losing someone and being alone. If you dont have someone then Ill be that person. I know how hard it can be. I also know everything that happens to the person when they pass. My dad did a lot of jobs in the funeral business. The grieving process is next. Theres no set time for how long it lasts. Its a bitch with a few stages you can go through none or all. Me personally I went through three sadness disbelief and acceptance. The longest was acceptance I couldnt believe it. It took me a few months to accept it. This is gonna sound dumb but talk about your loved one in the present tense it makes them feel closer. Itll actually bring you some comfort. Honestly with death and grieving it takes time. I wont lie and tell you youll stop missing them. You probably wont I havent but you will learn to cope. One day youll realize that theyre happy in a better place watching you.
I understand exactly where your coming from. I had the same relationship with my one grandma. I still regret to this day not calling her more.
I really can relate to this card....even though I wasn't incredibly close with my great grandma, she was someone very special to me who I was lucky enough to know. She passed away when I was in middle school, and I had just been to see her 2 weeks before (she lived a few hour drive away). The weekend before she passed I had a chance to go, but wanted to go to a middle school dance (seriously) so I chose not to. I couldn't get over the regret of that for a long time. It helped that I knew it was a blessing I even got to meet her, but I felt a lot of regret. Still like you I ended up working through it