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Hello lovelies! I realized I haven't done a braid 101 post for long time. So, today I'll be sharing you my knowledge of French braid, which is often confused with Dutch braid.
French Braid involves gathering the whole hair into braid using the three strand technique starting from the crown of the head.
Background info:
French braid did not originate from France. In fact, this braid style was first named in a short fiction from the 1871 issue of Arthur's Home Magazine. From then everyone refer it as French braid. But the braid technique has been use thousands of years ago as depicted in art from the early Greek, Celtic, and Sung dynasty periods. Wikipedia said the earliest evidence of this braid is seen on the rock art in Algeria.
Wherever it stem from, this braid became a timeless beauty technique we use to style our hair.
As seen above, French braid and ponytails works seamlessly together.
Creativity is endless. Wear it up with a bun, style it as a cascading braid or fringe braid!

Learn the basic French braiding technique!

Is there a tutorial for cascading french braid?