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So I'm going to Kcon NY and I got P1 tickets (GA Pit concert seats). What does a fan engagement pass mean? Does it mean you get to meet the groups?
it means you have the right to be engaged to your bias. jk jk I actually don't know, sorry ^^"
audience passes were the most common & idk what will be different with NY. but I hope you do!! let us know~ ^^
@katiems because I know P1 tickets have a fan engagement pass and GA pit seating so if I'm guessing right (and I hope I am) I might get to meet them. I shouldn’t get my hopes up though huh
@RochelleDiamond with high touch you kind of do, but its so fast the artists would say something to some of the fans but the line moves so fast they can't talk to everyone
@katiems thanks. I hope we get to meet them
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