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STEP 1: Attend an event with various artists such as Kcon!
STEP 2; Wear clothes EXTREMELY similar to their stage outfits!!
STEP 3: Approach them clamly and start conversations...and you may just look like an idol to their security guards. Seriously they might mistake you for being part of the group!!! As what happened with Kenny (Youtuber Kenny AKM) at Kcon 2015 with Monsta X! U know, just chillin with them and acting like you see them daily...no biggie! Props to kenny. U've inspired me!
And there u have it! Kenny is the guy with the white backpack btw. So excited to see Monsta X finally debuted and performing everywhere. No.Mercy was no joke. Check him out if you can, his reactions are Hilarious!!
Omg that would be heaven lmao and top and gd ❤️❤️😂@montha91
@celesteyc Just avoid eye contact with seungri he'll grab your hand right away and taeyang will turn around and let you hold his hands. Lol
Omg but what if I want to talk to bigbang lmao and I'm a girl 😂😂❤️❤️ do I dress in guy clothes lmao maybe gds clothes will be suitable😂😂
LOL infiltrate the group!
Omg I was there haha