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Some of the hairstyle trends we see today are adapted from the runway and high fashion style icons. Most hairstyles from the runway are not practically for day-to-day wear but there are a few that can make the cut for special events such as weddings, parties, and concerts. In the past, I've been sharing a lot of practical yet elegant hairstyles you can wear to almost any events. Today, I was inspired to share a three out-of-the-ordinary updos that'll you may want to recreate. I promise it will be easy!

High Fishtail Pony

Let's start off with an easy one. If you master fishtail braiding this one is piece of cake for you. Otherwise, you can learn how to fishtail braid through this card.
1. Pull your hair up in a high ponytail.
2. Then fishtail braid the pony.
3. Gently pull out the plait to create volume.

The Runway Model Bun

If you ever visit a fashion show you'll see all sorts of crazy updos. What I adore about this updo is it has a vibe of fashion show but you can totally wear it to a cocktail party. Also, not a bad idea for a bridal hairstyle.
**Follow along the image. If you're viewing this on your phone you can double tap the image and it will expand!**
1. Gather hair into a front side ponytail (either side).
2. Grab a section from the ponytail (you'll need to make three sections, so make sure you have enough for the other two sections).
3-4. Take a small strand from the section and roll it around the hair.
5-6. Sprit hair spray and let it cool a bit before gliding the straightener over it for hold
7. Repeat the step 3-6 until you have no hair left to roll.
8. Secure it with an elastic.
9-10. Gently push each rolled section up a little bit.
11. Repeat the process to the two sections from the ponytail.
12. Now put it up in a bun and pin in place with bobby pin.

Voluminous Viking Braid

This tutorial was created by hairstylist Heather Chapman. Have you seen Anna Sui's Fall/Winter 2015 runway show? This hairstyle would definitely fit in her viking-inspired theme. I predict this would be a trendy hair for Fall. So, it's not too early to set the trend!
1. Split hair into two sections.
2. Texture is a big part of this hairstyle. Use a crimper or a texture iron and glide on the the right section.
3. Then create a Dutch braid. Once you reach the neck, secure it with an elastic.
4. Slightly pull-out the braid to expand it and merge it with the existing ponytail.
5. Finish the ends of the texture ponytail with a simple 3-strand braid or fishtail. You can pull it apart to make it look bigger.
6. Finally, curl all the remain hair, then use your finger to separate the curls.
How do people do these things I can barely straighten my hair....
The viking braid is gorgeous and so unique!
@majesticx they got magical hands.