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Do 8 weeks of English classes (20 hours per week) with the New Zealand Institute of Education in Takapuna Beach (Auckland) and finish off with a Barista course.From small seaside towns to large cities, the café culture is vibrant in New Zealand and there is rarely a place to eat without the smell of roasted coffee and the sound of an espresso machine. This intensive course will equip you with the practical skills you need to be able to confidently produce a café style cup of coffee, tea or fruit smoothie allowing you to gain part-time employment while you study or travel.The Professional Barista Course runs from 10:30-4:00pm over a Saturday and Sunday, plus you are able to come back to the cafe for up to 3 x 1 hour practice sessions with one of the tutors to practice your new skills!Barista CertificateTake our two-day Professional Barista Course and come away with the ability to make the perfect coffee every time. After completing our course you'll have the knowledge and essential practical skills to impress your way into sought-after barista positions. We teach you fine espresso-making techniques so you can go on to practice the craft that can only be described as a skilled art form.After the two-day course, you'll have the opportunity to receive additional tuition. You will be able to go into a job interview knowing you can make the perfect espresso coffee every time. And of course, ensure that your customers will get the same high quality every time too.