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Yes! The world of comics is spreading through all medias and there's no denial. Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden told the Hollywood Reporter that Fox and Marvel are in negotiations! Sure, with all this Marvel's confused characters rights there will be, indeed, a lot of those negotiations to do. There's nothing concrete yet, however Walden said that they (Fox) are hopeful that they'll be able to announce something soon... And I can't wait! What you guys think about that? Could an X-Men tv series be the right move for the franchise? How would it affects the movies storyline? @shannonl5
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@buddyesd it would! and just imagine the x men characters backgrounds we could get, we could even go into where Logans brother is
@najalong1998 that would be awesome :)
@najalong1998 @buddyesd oooh I really like that. I felt like a lot of the villains could have been more fleshed out and a TV show would definitely give them enough time. It might be a good vehicle for lesser-known actors too. I know the X-men part of the franchise usually deals with really popular actors but using people that are unknown has been working really well for Marvel Studios so maybe the X-men could do the same?
@shannonl5 they could definitely be more flexible with casting. maybe even include jubilee and cable and maybe even psylocke
This could definitely be a great thing if done correctly. I would love for them to have the time to get deeper into some of the lesser known X-men and villains...Or I guess I should say the less popular? There are so many badass X-men to explore with that aren't necessarily mainstream. I'd love to see that happen.