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So I'm not a big fan of them to the point where I know all of their names but I saw the new mv and I died so many times from replaying this scene. I think this is G Dragon and I scream inside and out everytime I see this smile!
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@amandamuska I thought so because he usually has orange hair in some of videos I've seen. He's really cute in this though and I love the song.
its a good song there's a hidden message in it and he is cute and for once he hasn't change his hair
It's a really cute song and video. I'm not 100% sure what the message is though. I think it might be about "we can be friends but let's not fall in love". Something along those lines.
@biancadanica98 if you want I can tag you in the card that shows you
@amandamuska yes pleas do