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I have always been a firm believe that it will not be long before something big changes with North Korea. Apparently, I was right.

The time's, they are a-changing.

Literally. North Korea decided that they will now have their own time zone, aptly named "Pyongyang Time" after their capital. It will run 30 minutes behind their current time zone, which is Korean Standard Time, used by South Korea and is the same as the Japan's time zone (UTC +9).
Alright North Korea.


The 70th anniversary of Korean independence as celebrated is on Aug. 15. This celebrates the end of Japanese colonization of Korea, and since the Japanese "committed such unpardonable crimes as depriving Korea of even its standard time," North Korea decided they cannot even use Korean Standard time and will use their own. Time in colonial Korea ran at GMT+8:30 but was changed to Japan standard time in 1912 under Japanese colonization.
Just. Okay.
I'm not saying that countries cannot make their own time zones (plenty have chosen to do so!) but I am saying that this just feels like a five year old throwing a tantrum to distract from the other things they are doing. South Korea actually changed their time zone back to UTC +8:30 in the 50s, but it was changed to match Japan again in the early 60s under new leadership in order to keep Japan and Korea united as US allies for better coordination.
Still, just, alright then North Korea.
Haaha of course they would just go off and do their own thing!
This article is very interesting
@MooshieBay thanks @nicolejb that's their style I guess