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Guys idk what to do lol when I first started listening to bts I thought I had it all figured out and that rap monster was my one and only but idk what happened but out of nowhere jimin just hit me with mega feels lol. jimin literally makes me rethink life haha hes is seriously the cutest human bean on the planet♥♡♥♡
just look at him!!! hes the cutest little pudding pop lol I just want him and to be my little portable teddy bear♥♡
yes!! jimin is bae! I have no idea why but when I first got introduced to bts, my eyes have been set on jimin no matter what people said. ♥♥♥♥
@Marilovexoxo I have a 5 way love battle between Rapmon, Kookie, Jin, Jimin, and Suga. It was 4 and then Suga wormed in so I'm just getting worse as time goes XD
same i know how you feel I also thought Jungkook was the one but V just got my attention and i fell in love with him :3
@VixenViVi thats how I feltl when I first started listening to them I didn't think I would love them so much but after I watched the third video that was it lol they are all so cute and they all have amazing personalities but jimin is slowly taking my heart away from the others (dont tell rapmon or jungkook lol) but I still love them all they make it soo hard to choose
before this little blob of joy, I didnt know that cute and sexy can mix so perfectly
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