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Enjoying our small beginning as a startup
Yesterday, we reached the 5 download mark on Google Play Store. Today, we reached the 10 download mark. To be more precise, the number of download is a little over 20 but Google Play Store seems to experience some lag time in updating the app page. Regardless, we are very thrilled!
You might be wondering, why? It is only 5 or 10 or 20 downloads. I agree. We need to multiply this number by at least 1 million to be of any significance in the market. But we are taking things slowly right now. Our official launch date is set for August 10th and we are still in the progress of updating the app for the initial launch. We have ambitious goals but we are also trying to enjoy every moment of our progress. I mean…… how often is it that you get to see 5 instead of 5 million on Google Play Store? Almost never. I am making sure to screenshot everything because if we become famous, excuse me, WHEN we become famous, these screenshots are going to have historical value.
I think that the greatest hardship at a startup is the feeling of being small and insignificant. There are plenty of people who remind me of this every day.What do you do? Why do you do it? Do you really think that this is going to succeed? It doesn’t seem to have that much potential. It looks okay. Have you considered changing this or that? Everyone seems to have something to say. The only thing I can tell from these comments is that anyone can criticize but not everyone can find the courage to start something of their own.
There is a certain feeling of pride and comfort that comes with a renowned company name. When you tell people that you work at Samsung or Goldman Sachs, people look at you differently. To them, you suddenly look taller and your suit seems more expensive. When you tell people you work at a startup, you end up having to explain to them what you do in details while they smile politely and wait for you to finish so they can move on with their days. It is a truly humbling experience and it reminds you, once again, just how small and insignificant you are. But I don’t mind.
All the big names we know today began from almost nothing. I believe that there is no shame in small beginnings. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So for now, we are going to celebrate our 5 download badge.
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@sophia5787 , Please don't make it too sophisticated and feature reach. It is great just as it is, allowing the user to simply scroll trough a feed of pictures from around the world. I especially love the fact that there is no registration, so it is impossible to linger on a specific person's pictures.
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@orenshani7 I am so glad you feel that way because that was exactly what we intended. The Facebook connection is not intended to create a profile. It will only allow you to see a list of friends who have visited the locations when you tap the person icon on each photo to give you an idea of how popular the location is but nothing more than that. It's a very minor detail. Our service is about user-location connection not user-user connection like social media apps. We want to help our users discover exciting travel destinations every time they open our app! I really appreciate your thoughts!
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Ok but can you add connection to google+ too? Some of us don't have Facebook...
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It must be very exciting in starting your own business I also have some innovative ideas it has nothing to do with computer but everything to do with electronics can u please suggest me how should I start working on my idea if you want to you can share your own story about how u start developing apps .And good luck for the future
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@Amanjain I think that the first thing is to find a partner who understands your idea (no matter how vague it is right now) and share a common vision with you. From there you can refine the idea by talking to each other and with as many people as possible to receive some good feedback. Before you start developing anything, be very clear with yourself about why you want to do this, who you are doing it for and what you hope your customers will get by using your product. These are the things that my partner and I focused on. I hope my comment helps. Good luck!
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