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this one is for the ajumma's like me out there...hahahahha love his body!! can you believe that this beautiful man has a six pack abs like that? ^^
Our Bae Yong Joon became so thin because he had a bacterial blood infection (sepsis), in 2009 and had to be hospitalized for two weeks. :-( The most likely cause of the infection was the time he did Japanese laquer art (which uses the charred, ground up roots of the poison ivy plant) and he didn't wear any gloves to protect himself from the poison.)
oh i see... didn't know that.. you really are a fan...^^
@nylamrehs he become so thin coz he was facing a problem at his back
@christy and tyta... i love them both... they both have great bodies and so handsome...lol... although i think today... cha seung won is more sexier coz bae young joon became so thin...
@tyta468 I watched it and city hall to. yeah he is so so so awesome and funny. like him too but my love still bae young joon
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