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Happy Friday, here are some of the hair-worthy news form the web this week.
1. South Koreans in their earlier 20s are falling in love with a new fringe called 하트 앞머리 (heart-bangs-hair), which resemble sailor moon's bangs. According to Kotaku, not all of them actually wear the romantic bang out in public. It seems like they're just playing around and uploading their hairstyle on social media sites.
2. The girls form Pretty Little Liar's stole the screen with their gorgeous prom hair and killer dress. If you are not up to date with the show, I'm not going to ruin it for you. But what I do want to point out is their amazing prom style from this week's episode (Last Dance). InStyle's editor asked the show's hair department head Kim M. Ferry to give a few pointers to achieve the same style. Check it out here.
3. Did you know wikipedia have list of hairstyle? It's pretty fascinating to read through the list. Some of the descriptions are pretty ridiculous and redundant. My favorite description is probably bowl cut, "Named for the shape of the style as much as for a once common method of achieving it (i.e. using a bowl to style the cut by placing it on the head and trimming the exposed hair)."
4. Ariana Grande traded in her signature high ponytail for a top bun for her new perfume campaign. Looks like the young singer is starting her own beauty line like another other celebrities out there. I'm not really into perfumes but her slick top bun is on point!
5. And finally, we have the biggest hair debate this week about Afro hair from Allure magazine's article shown above. According to Huff Post, some women are calling the magazine editor "racially insensitive" and "inaccurate." I personally think everyone is free to try any style but it seems like hairstyle can get political and personal.
What do you think?
The heart shaped bangs are very cute style
@MooshieBay True. But it's not a bad idea to try it out for fun. lol
@HairConfetti right. You need the right shape head to wear something like that
@MooshieBay It is! But I'll probably look silly wearing my hair like that in public. haha