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@callie... yeah that's right..^^ i remembered you because i like your name, now i know that it goes with your personality...^^ i don't remember which drama recap it was, i guess it's either big, arang or faith...^^ @yinofyang.. we met in one of those funny quotes and i was wondering who this new name was, then i got to know you and i'm glad i did.. you're a great talker and a listener too., like the rest of the gals here....^^ @neaa.. like i said, it was in one of the famous cards here on vingle which garnered an amazing 3K+ comments.. which is the best drama arang or faith?... we were known as a great tandem fighting for the glory of arang...hahahahah... callie was with us too...^^
@cheerfulcallie Yes, you're right! It's true. I think it was the "Asian's taking pictures" card. That was so damn funny. :D
we actually became friends over the flower cards of yours @cheerfulcallie
dang, im late, huh? hahahhaha!!!! ....i believe i met @nylamrehs over recaps for a kdrama but i cant recall which one?? then i left for a while and when i came back, she remembered me and welcomed me w/open arms, you're such a sweetie!!! @neaa , i noticed her b/c she cmmted on a fanmade mv of BIG but we really didnt talk until much later on having laughs over funny qutoes, i believe....@YinofYang , you LOL at my silly cards and i loved your sense of ladies am i wrong or right?
LOL! The things that brought us together. :D
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