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This is the Honda Center in Anaheim for a concert setup. The place Big Bang is playing October 4th!
I still have to ya know... Buy tickets... And figure out how I'm going to get there from seven hours away... But that's the only hard part. πŸ˜‚
Here is a very brief evolution of Big Bang to where they are now. (If you want to see a better evolution check out this card. Anyway. Since I have only one person I'm going with, I want to know if anyone else is going to the October 4th show in Anaheim! You should comment or message me if you are and we'll instantly become best friends!!!
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@tminuseleven oh man it's so weird to meet someone who lived close to my area who likes kpop everyone at orestimba was into apop and rap...
@majesticx it is kind of weird. My schools has a huge KPop fan base. I know like 12 people at my school alone who are into it like us.
@tminuseleven no one here remotely likes any there different i swear they're all copies of the same boy and same girl. xD
@majesticx that's unfortunate. But at least you and I are in this fandom. And now I have to let you go. I have to get working on my AP Assignment. Shoot me a message any time you want to chat. :))))))
@tminuseleven alright ^^ nice meeting you!!