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find someone who respects you before he loves you.. because love can be childish and immature.. and even unreasonable at times.. but if the other person respects you.. he'll never let you down or hold you back.. he'll respect your decisions and will not thrust his on you.. because when we're talking about a real relationship.. and not those teenage flings.. it's our lives we're talking about..and when we intend to spend our lives together.. we have to look beyond today.. and into our tomorrows.. and shape it.. work on it.. and all this starts with choosing the right person!
Shermalyn, thanks sis. I saw that. (^_^) I'm really glad you did. I'll definitely reply. I've been gone for 2 days and there's notifications everywhere. :D Hope you're having a good morning.
hahaha... hey charleen, i received your email and i replied back...^^
( ^∇^) It's true! That is my name and I'm glad I let her pick. Heehee. At least we get to bombard each other's cards like this all the time. LOLOL!
thanks unnie.. i'm trying my best
@neaa.. yup that's her true name but she said she has lots of nickname and let me but it's good you're in school again... do good and make us proud!! ^^
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